Institute, The Magazine #15 - Timișoara special edition

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In this issue you will learn a lot about Timișoara: read the story of Made in TM group, a model of creative local collaboration, hear about future plans and local government resolutions, discover local contemporary brands and also the stories of some of the most famous architecture and interior design studios. You will meet the teams behind the most important festivals and events held in Timișoara and discover the most creative graphic design studios here. And finally, you will certainly have a long list of places and projects that you should check when you arrive in the city: Borangic, Tam Tam, Sebastian Spanache Trio, Hostel Costel, Anonim TM, Plai Festival, StudentFest, Super Smooth Studio, Carine Arnakis, Synopsis and Ovidiu Hrin, Balamuc, Electronic Résistance, SIMULTAN, Auăleu, Studio Archaeus, Ezzo Design, e-spres-oh, Doru Dumitrescu, SCÂRȚ.